World Food Day

Food glorious food! Warning this blog will make you HANGRY.


Sweet, crunchy, savoury, cheesy, saucy or spicy…? Whatever your taste buds have a tingle for, we’ve rounded up some of our teams favourite, cuisine suggestions from around the world and why!


The first stop on the map is the colourful Punjab in North India.

Infused with aromatic and enticing spices the Punjab is definitely known for its array of cultural dishes. With crop fields and farmers lands filled with authentically produced grains, spices and eclectic flavours, India truly soars when it comes to creating enriching, delicious cultural meals.

Kiran from alpharooms says “deliciously creamy dal makhani with a fluffy but crispy, stuffed paratha is a must-try when visiting North India. This is one of my all-time favourite dish which can’t be missed! It tastes even better with Whiskey on the rocks 

From hot, hot, hot to the juicy and vibrant foods of Kauai, Hawaii!

One of the best things about the Hawaiian food is (no, not the pizza!) definitely its vegetation. Being on an island, the organic and naturally grown fruit and veg will tantalises your taste buds with refreshing and mouth-watering flavours. Also, let’s not forget about the seafood – as the island is on the other side of the world, it opens up the opportunity to discover fishes you’ve never tried before. Especially since Kauai boasts a range of locally sourced fresh, fish captured on that day!

Zena from alpharooms said “When I was in Kauai there was an amazing range of food everywhere! However, one of my favourite dishes and a must-try is the locally sourced ‘poke’ tuna fish. Used in the appetising, traditional poke bowl dish. I loved it so much which is unusual as I don’t eat fish but gave it ago and really enjoyed it”

Asia is a popular spot for our team members… in particular our Evga.

Who embarked on a trip to South Korea and had the most delectable shellfish dish. South Korea is known to collaborate its sweet and spicy flavours bursting with zest and appetizing flavours. Unlike other Asian cities, this one also has a huge range of dishes even vegetarians can enjoy!

Evga from alpharooms said “My partner and I were in South Korea 3 years ago and travelled to a gem of an island, Jeju-do, Korea’s most beautiful island – in 2011 the island was named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature (people across the world voted it in among other 440 famous attractions).

The island boasts a huge variety of seafood which we both love and took full advantage of while there: during one of the days we had lunch at an eatery where we had Jeonbok Tukbaegi (Abalones earthenware) – a delicious dish with local shellfish, lots of vegetables and spices, all cooked in the cauldron on the heated table top grill in front of your eyes”

Que aproveche!

Our final stop on the map is Spain. If you didn’t know by now the Spanish love the ideology of a big sharing feast! Which is where paella and tapas originated form. The idea of sharing food in multiple small plates or one big tasty dish.

Alberto from alpharooms said “I love Spanish cuisine, it combines tradition, quality and the options are almost endless depending on where you travel… for example, visit Malaga and try the best seafood or “pescaito frito” as locals call it, almost directly from the sea to your dish. Go to Alicante for the perfect Paella or simply walk around Madrid and enjoy a “Cocido”, an Spanish style casserole recipe that combines different meats, chickpeas and vegetables… Viva la vida!”

And here are some other great suggestions from our alpharooms team members


Mindi: The tantalising and invigorating ingredients of Greek cuisines is what I adore the most. The lamb dishes in particular are amazingly, delicious, especially the infamous Moussaka which is my favourite.

Wayne: Huevos Rancheros is my fav breakfast when I’m in Mexico. Especially with some tangy, zesty Mexican salsa on the side with freshly squeeze lime and chili to really give it that kick… yum!

Andre: It’s true what they say… everything is bigger in the US – especially Boston. If you love lobster then this is certainly one the best places. However, my favourite dish was a dessert! The mighty maple glazed donuts oozing with sugary delight.

Steve: Thai for me. Just love the fragrant ingredients – Lemon Grass, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Galangal, Fish Sauce, Coconut Milk and of course Chillis all lovingly combined by a Thai Chef. It has to be washed down with a refreshing bottle of Chang beer… cheers!

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