Our Top Ten Travel Vloggers

Vlogging has really taken off in the last few years, with many popular YouTubers, including Zoella and Tyler Oakley, becoming household names. In theory anyone with a camera and an internet connection can share videos of their travels – but it takes a certain something to start receiving subscriber numbers in the millions. These are our top ten accounts to follow, regardless of whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next destination, or just fancy a spot of armchair travelling.

Fun For Louis

We think it’s safe to say that Louis White has the best job in the world. The self-titled Godfather of Travel Vlogging spends his time travelling the world and doesn’t pay a penny. He recently revealed that 50% of his trips are fully funded by sponsors, with the rest paid for with revenue from his YouTube channel. We love his easy-going nature and the fact that he ends each video with a thought-provoking question.

Mr Ben Brown

If you think Vloggers sometimes have a little too much to say, you’ll love Ben’s Visual Vibes collection. This Vlogger sets sweeping shots of beautiful scenery to music. Sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words.

Jack’s Gap

Identical twins Jack and Finn are popular with the teenage demographic, but don’t let that put you off. They use their channel to highlight important issues around the world, with the current focus being on climate change.

Bry and Candice

If you’ve ever dreamed of travelling the world with your significant other you’ll resonate with married couple Bry and Candice. The Irish twosome set themselves the goal of visiting every country in the world within the next three years. Close to a year in, they have currently ticked off 63 countries but it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

How 2 Travelers

Andrea Feczko hosts HLN’s Vacation Chasers in the US and we love her zany and irreverent videos. In South Korea, she eats “balls”, while in Newport Beach she tests out jetpacks with a friend. Andrea always seems to be having fun and we think she’d be the ideal travel companion.

This World Rocks

Dan is a travel junkie and has visited over 45 countries across six continents. He believes the world is full of amazing people with fascinating tales to tell and aims to seek out these stories, as well as sharing some of his own along the way.

Travel Yourself

Cailin makes great one-minute guides to different cities – ideal if you’re looking for a brief overview of a destination. You’ll also find plenty of cute sloth videos on her channel.

Hey Nadine

Nadine uploads videos twice a week and she’ll definitely make you laugh. Some of her classic moments include shaming the awkward things people do on planes and celebrating her move to the UK by taste-testing British biscuits.


If you agree that the best thing about travel is food, you’ll love Mark Wien’s videos. He tastes his way around the world, eating like a local and showcasing the best dishes of each destination. He even shares a few simple recipes so you can join in at home.

Kristen Sarah

Kristen Sarah is an actress and her videos are hilarious; make sure you check out her guide to pooping on an Indian bus. She also shares beauty tips and doles out expert advice on topics such as beating jet-lag and packing like a pro.

Do you have any travel vloggers that we’ve missed off the list? Let us know who we should be following via our Twitter or Facebook pages.  

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