Long Haul Winter getaways – Barbados

Going long haul may seem like a luxury but you can get some great deals if you pick your season right and buy your flights early or in a sale – like BA’s New Year sale.  We will be exploring some of these getaways over the next few weeks to show you the great deals available.


Barbados is a small island in the Caribbean and like most Caribbean Islands, is warm and sunny every single day with an average daily temperature of 30c. It has a steady wind that blows through the island making sure that it is never too hot.

Barbados hasn’t suffered a hurricane since 1955 but officially the Hurricane season starts in June, which marks the start of the rainy season on the island. This is common across all the Caribbean islands and the rainfall comes barbados beachin short, heavy bursts, but it is still hot and there is plenty of sunshine. You might find that the humidity increases so it can feel hotter but it is still a great time to visit the island. The rainy season starts to come to an end in November – which is a great time to visit as the weather is fantastic and it is just before the high season starts. November is when Barbados celebrates their independence and the main highway is bathed in blue and gold lights – the national colours.

From the UK there is an 11 hour direct flight to Barbados and the official currency is the Barbados dollar, but many places accept US dollars. The conversion rate is around US$1 = Barbados $2.  It has an estimated population of 257,000 of friendly Barbadians. The island has the highest percentage of return visitors of all the islands.

There is a wide variety of accommodation on Barbados including: Self-catering apartments, Inns and B&Bs, and a wide range of hotels from 2 star to 5 star. Most of the accommodation is huddled around the beautiful coastline, with direct access to that beautiful white sands.

Barbados is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. On the east coast of the island the waves break over the rocks and reefs which forms lovely natural swimming pools, it is also ideal for surfing.  The South coast is calmer but is perfect for those that want to do some water sports but don’t fancy surfing. Windsurfing, boogie boarding and kite surfing are perfect around this part of the island. If you want to calm waters and white sands then the West coast is for you. This is where most of the hotels are based. The North coast has high cliffs and small bays but is not recommended for swimming.

Where to stay?

All Seasons Resort Europa

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Discovery Bay By Rex Resorts

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