Long haul winter getaways – Mexico

Mexico is a great holiday destination as it has something for everyone.  With a flight time of around 10 hours, depending where you fly from, you can fly directly into to Cancun and land straight into paradise.

Cancun-Peninsula-Image01If you want to relax on a white sand beach then you can, as the Riviera Maya, Cancun and Cozumel are surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. If you want something more active then this area is full of golf courses, fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. You can even take a jungle tour or take in some of the fantastic historic Mayan sites.

Cancun seems to generate images of Spring Break and masses of American students heading to México to party. Well that may be the case if you head there in May but the rest of the time there are 14 miles of pristine white beaches, lapped by clear, warm Caribbean sea, and perfect warm weather all year round.

The Riviera Maya is made up of Puerto Morelos, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Playa Del Carmen is located right in the centre of the Riviera Maya and is complete with the sun drenched white sands and clear seas. Playa Del Carmen was a small fishing village, and it retains a lot of that previous charm. In Playa Del Carmen the balance is just right, you have the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere of the fishing village but with great nightlife and diving facilities. Playa Del Carmen’s fifth avenue is a street lined with boutique hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. Come night fall you can sip an iced cocktail by the beach or enjoy salsa dancing in town.dead tree with shells

Just off the coast of Mexico is the Caribbean island of Mexico, Cozumel. Long white beaches and turquoise sea, Cozumel is a divers and snorkelers paradise. The crystal clear waters has made it a world famous destination for beginners and advanced divers alike. The east coast faces Playa Del Carmen. Only six per cent of the island is actually developed leaving the rest to deserted beaches, jungle trails, botanical gardens and lagoons. You can swim with dolphins and visit the sea turtle sanctuaries.
When visiting Cancun you should try and arrange I trip to the Chichen Itza UNESCO World Heritage site. These are temples from the Maya civilization and date from the 7th century. The most impressive part of the site dates from the 10th century, it is here where you will see the Pyramid of Kukulkan, this is a huge stone representation of the Maya Calendar. Many local tour guides are available at the site and many of them will be able to take you to the sinkholes. A sinkhole is when the roof of a cavern collapses. The Mayans believed that these were the endurance to the underworld.  Some are underground and many are accessible for swimming.mayan sacrifice cenote of dzitnup in yucatan mexico

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