The Big £300k Giveaway

Calling all Facebook fans- are you feeling in need of a getaway?

Here are alpharooms, we love our customers. There’s no two ways about it- we love getting you the best deals, and it always makes us smile when you go onto our Facebook page to tell us about your holidays, to ask for advice or to send us a snap of your latest trip. We run competitions throughout the week giving away voucher codes, but with over 21,000 fans, I guess it’s difficult to show every single fan that we appreciate them. We racked our brains and thought to ourselves, how can we reward each one of you for your funny stories, competition entries and holiday photos? And then it came to us- we’ll give all of you a unique voucher for money off your next booking.

To make sure we only reward the people that count, you must become a fan of our Facebook page by clicking the little thumbs up at the top, then go to our £300k giveaway tab. Here, you’ll need to enter your email address so that we can send you your unique voucher code.

Have we told you the best bit? We’re giving away £300,000 of vouchers. That means every fan will get at least £5, and most of you will get even more. 10 lucky fans will even get a £250 voucher off their next booking- you can get a whole holiday for that! How exciting!

Irish resident?

Don’t worry- we love our Irish fans too! You can also enter into the big £300k giveaway, for up to 250€ off your next holiday. You just need to enter your hotel discount code into the search box before you make your booking and your prize amount will be deducted from the total in Euros.

So what do you have to do?

We’d like to get our number of fans up to 30,000 so please invite all your friends to become a fan of us- once we get to 30,000 fans, everybody who enters their email address will be emailed a voucher. But where’s the challenge in that!? You’ve got until the end of the month to get us up to 30,000 fans- if we don’t hit our target, we won’t send out any voucher codes.

At the time of writing this, we’ve got just over 21,000 fans… this means we need 300 fans per day to get to our target. If we all pull together, we should make it in no time!


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