Hollywood Hotels

Hollywood Hotels

With Alfie jetting off to Tinseltown for this week’s Where in the World Wednesday,  I thought I’d tell you all about a couple of Hollywood themed hotels! From Marilyn Monroe’s hotel suite to The 007 Suite, here’s your guide to the hotels that will get you feeling starstruck from check in to check out. Happy Birthday Mr President… The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is well know for being the home of Marilyn Monroe for two years when she lived in the...

Bring on the bags

Packing is a bit like marmite- you either love it or you hate it. For me, it’s the time that I really start getting excited about my holiday and dreaming about all the amazing things I’m going to do and what I’ll be wearing when I do them.  I’ve already bought a new bikini (after spending about 4 weeks desperately trying to tone my tummy to look good in it!) and have planned 20 different outfits for a week long...

A visit to Venice

Venice Venice is a city without cars, built on a lagoon; with boats being the usual mode of transport. This and the city’s long history, make the Italian city a unique place to visit. The best time to visit is during spring or autumn when the temperatures are still warm but the city is less humid. Venice was this week’s Where in the World Wednesday competition answer- well done to the 189 people who answered correctly and congratulations to Lisa...

A literary pub crawl around Dublin

Dublin was this week’s answer for our Where in the World Wednesday competition. Well done to the 58 entrants who guessed correctly- and congratulations to Wendy E Murray, you are our winner this week and have won a £20 alpharooms.com voucher. Dublin is famous for many things- Guinness, culture and ‘craic’ (fun in Gaelic!), and is well known as a top destination for a weekend away. Whilst many go to sample the city’s alcoholic staples such as Guinness and Whisky or...

Buzzing Breaks in Benidorm

Benidorm sees millions of tourists flocking to its golden beaches every year with us Brits loving the scorching hot summer weather so much so that a large portion of the population are British ex-pats. Situated on Spain’s south east coast, this Mediterranean holiday hot spot is a popular holiday destination all year round. Benidorm- the TV show Benidorm became even more popular with British holidaymakers following ITV’s first season of Benidorm, the TV show written by Derren Litten depicting summer...

Not another blog about Paris… Part One.

C’est officiel- the world loves Paris. Whether it’s for art, fashion, shopping or sightseeing, France’s capital is one of the world’s most visited cities. The thousands of restaurants, museums and shops to be found in the country’s capital attract millions of visitors each year. And, of course, a fair few bloggers have told you all about where you need to go. At the top of the list usually comes the Eiffel tower, perhaps followed by Notre Dame and the Louvre....

Extraordinary Europe

Forget the dizzy heights of Machu Picchu, the glistening waters of The Great Barrier Reef and the amazing depths of the Grand Cayon, head to Europe and visit some of the World’s most unique natural attractions, all this beauty on your own doorstep, how could you refuse a visit?!! Here’s a glimpse of some of Europe’s unique natural attractions No Photoshop needed….yes it is really this beautiful!… The Plitvice Lakes, Croatia If you happen to be holidaying in Croatia this...

A Throne With A View

Ok, so this post isn’t all about toilets but about some of Europe’s best hotel bathroom views. I don’t know where the inspiration came from to write a post about hotel bathroom views but I do know that whenever I’m on a holiday hunt, trawling through numerous hotels I always like to pick a hotel with a nice bathroom and in particular one with a nice view so that there’s something to look at whilst having a soak in the...

  • 24Jul

    How to vote in the British Travel Awards

    We’re very excited and proud to announce that once again, we’ve been nominated in the British Travel Awards! Vote for us now and make us 2014 winners. For every vote registered you will be entered into a free prize draw

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  • 24Jul

    alpharooms.com nominated in 3 British Travel Awards 2014

    P R E S S   INFORMATION  ALPHAROOMS.COM NOMINATED IN THREE BRITISH TRAVEL AWARDS  alpharooms.com has been named by the British Travel Awards (BTAs) as one of the contenders for the Best Online Travel Agency, Best Flight Booking Company and Best

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  • 24Jul

    Lopesan hotels

    When you stay at a Lopesan hotel you’ll experience a holiday like no other. Families, couples, beach-lovers or sport fans… no matter who you are or who you’re travelling with, Lopesan hotels guarantee a relaxing and unique holiday designed to

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  • 16Jul

    Rock-star hotels: the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun and the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

    There are only 4 all inclusive Hard Rock Hotels in the whole world and we can currently offer up to 20% on 2 of them with some very special Rocking Rates. You can save up to 20% at the incredible Hard

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  • 10Jul

    New security measures for UK flights

    Have you heard about the new airline security measures that have been introduced by the Government? They’ve announced that all flights coming in and out of the UK will be subject to these measures: all passengers flying into or out of

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  • 07Jul

    Costa Calida

    Costa Calida The Costa Calida is a beautiful expanse of coastline situated between the Costa Blanca and the Costa Almeria. It’s a  mix of rugged coastline, fishing ports and pristine white-sand beaches, languidly stretching out for about 250kms. One of

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  • 27Jun

    Ayia Napa nightlife

    Ayia Napa nightlife Ayia Napa is the party capital of Cyprus and lies to the very east of the South coast. There’s plenty to see and do for all types of holiday maker in both Ayia Napa and Cyprus, but

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  • 23Jun

    Countdown to summer

    The sun is getting brighter and the days are getting warmer… here comes the summer! Whether you’re off abroad this year or planning a summer of barbecues and sunbathing in the garden, we’re counting down the days ’til summer and

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  • 20Jun

    Things to do in Majorca

    Things to do in Majorca Whenever I think of Majorca, I think of beautiful, cyan-turquoise sea. Bluer than blue and crystal-clear: the ocean that every holiday maker dreams of. Majorca’s beautiful seascape leads to many lovely beaches and coves, beyond which

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  • 13Jun

    Things to do in Albufeira

    Things to do in Albufeira Albufeira is one of the largest and most popular holiday destinations in the Algarve (in the south of Portugal) and it’s not difficult to see why! A perfect balance of tourism and culture, great nightlife,

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